About Us

Mission Statement

Buffalo Niagara Spirit Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) that educates, fosters & promotes Buffalo & Western New York as a world class destination for Arts, Music, Culture and Education.

Our Not-for-Profit organization was formed in 2006 to provide an effective voice for communicating the positive attributes of the Buffalo Niagara region.

How We Spread our Message?

MULTIMEDIA JOURNALISMUsing the latest technology and multimedia story telling technics to promote Buffalo Niagara, it’s people and their talents by spreading the mission of Buffalo Niagara Spirit beyond Western New York.

LIVE EVENTS – Hosting events that have a worldwide audience, helping to improve the public perception of Western New York

EDUCATION AND INSTRUCTIONMentor and instruct the next generation of Buffalonians to embrace their community and promote positive story-telling through the arts, music and culture

What We’ve Done? 

Launched BUFFALO.FMBuffalo.fm is an educational multimedia project with the mission of celebrating & fostering local musicians, embracing our rich musical history while documenting the unique live music experiences of today’s best music and continuing the mission of Buffalo Niagara Spirit by advocating Buffalo, NY as a world-class live music destination.

LIVE EVENT SUPPORT – Support various community events that advocate the mission of Buffalo Niagara Spirit Inc. including various live music events and other educational based events that fall within our mission.

What We Want to Do?

EXPAND BUFFALO.FMContinue to grow Buffalo.FM into a live music destination by continuing to promote Buffalo and its talented musicians to the world through multimedia content, live video and audio streams, etc…

SUPPORT LOCAL – Continue to offer support for local musicians, artists, students, journalists and organizations interested in advocating for our community through multimedia/journalism projects that advocate the mission of Buffalo Niagara Spirit Inc.

SPONSOR EVENTSCreate and support unique live events that showcase the talents of WNY’ers to a worldwide audience by live audio/video streaming and the use of social media and journalism.

SUPPORT & APPLICATIONS For People with Disabilities   Allow people with visual, hearing disabilities to experience live music without the hassles of going to the venue itself.  Build applications that advocate the region as a world class destination for music arts and culture.