In the Wake of Public Health Crisis, Buffalo Niagara Spirit, Inc., Buffalo.FM and Ripe Audio Launch New Online Music Venue/Concert Series to Assist Buffalo Musicians

Since Governor Cuomo announced on Wednesday a new state mandate that all venues with a capacity under 500 had to cut occupancy levels by 50% it has taken an immediate toll on Buffalo’s live music community.

Over the next 30-60 days, and Ripe Audio are teaming up to create an online music venue/concert series called “Band Together Buffalo“.

Our goal is to make this Gofundme a temporary solution to help get this project off the ground to provide immediate relief for those affected. Moving forward we hope Buffalo’s business community will step up and assist to keep this project moving forward through sponsorships and advertising to help this fund move forward.

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The goal is to help support Buffalo’s full -time musicians and artists during this public health crisis. Proceeds will go towards directly to the artists, helping to supplement income while their regular concerts and gigs are being canceled or postponed due to the crisis.

Here’s are the details so far:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Anyone not directly associated with the performance or who may showing flu or cold-like symptoms is asked to stay home and enjoy the show online. 

The concert series will begin early next week on 3/17 and can be viewed on our website at and through our regular streaming video channels on Youtube and Facebook.

For now, there will be no charge to watch the concerts but we encourage fans to donate to the project itself and the individual artists during each performance.

Publisher/editor of Buffalo.FM Marc Odien said: “As someone whose business is also dependent on the event/service industry, we are feeling the pain along with our local musician friends who are stressed out about all the cancellations over the last few days.  This is our way to help our local live music family and provide continued entertainment for our fans and audience at at the same time.”

We are still working out specific show details and updates can be found on our website and our Facebook page

This project is organized under our 501 (c)(3), organization Buffalo Niagara Spirit, Inc. and all donations are tax-deductible.

Media and Businesses looking to help support this project, please contact us directly at

We will provide limited media availability on Tuesday evening. Please contact us for more details on Monday 3/16 as more information will be available by then.




ARTIST SUBMISSION: Please fill out the form below to book a spot and we will be in contact with you very soon!

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